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FREE Worldwide Satellite / Transponder List Download

FREE Worldwide Satellite List of all satellites and transponders.
Free to download, free to use.

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Need to know the transponder parameters for a certain satellite?
Need to know the location of a satellite?
Need to know if a transponder is DVB-S or DVB-S2?
Need to know the orbital location of a satellite?
Everything you need know is in our FREE Satellite Reference list.

The FREE satellite / transponder list is a MUST for installers using older meters that do DVB-S only.
Use the list to quickly look up the satellite and see the DVB-S transponders you can use with your meter.

Download our FREE Worldwide Satellite / Transponder List.
Many claim this is the most accurate and complete list available.

The satellite list contains the following;

Satellite List Understanding the Satellite List

This is a complete worldwide list that contains C-band, Ku-band and Ka band both active and inactive transponders. Note that Ku satellite systems and most meters do not have Ka-band capabilities.

List is available in pdf or epub formats. Epub is much smaller and uses very little space on your device.

This is a reference list (not to be loaded into any meter or receiver), download to your PC, laptop, smartphone, etc and carry this reference list with you.

If you are using a older DVB-S meter that does not do DVB-S2 you need this list. You can easily find the DVB-S transponders for use with older meters.

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Our Satellite / Transponder reference list is FREE. There is no purchase required.
If someone is trying to sell this list to you DO NOT PAY for it!

Get it here for FREE!

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We do ask for Donations to keep this list going. If you download and use our list please consider helping us keep this list free. While we currently enjoy donations from a few, we really need more to keep going. We are asking for your help. Please Donate if possible.